Ethical Eats

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Hello World!

Welcome to Ethical Eats!  This is a blog written by the Food Security group of Oxfam @ Queen’s University. We are students writing for anyone in the Kingston and surrounding Ontario community who wants to learn about how eating habits can change the world! Through this blog we intend to raise awareness about the broken global food system, which has lead and is currently leading to food scarcity and hunger around the world, promote businesses in the Kingston community that we believe are making a positive impact, and learn/discuss other foodie related things!

To learn more about us and our cause, please visit our pages located at the top of this newsfeed. You can also sort through our blog posts by selecting categories on the right hand side, narrowing the entries by topic or author.

We encourage comments and discussion on any posts, and hope that we can all learn together!

Peace, love, and food security


Some of the Oxfam @ Queen's 2012-2013 Exec!


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