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You’ve Got the Power

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Lately, I have been thinking about the vastly different ways that people feed themselves. Here in Canada, many of us are fortunate to be able to choose how and what we eat, a luxury that the majority of global citizens have never experienced. What we each choose to consume is something quite personal, and many people can get defensive on this subject  – no one wants to think they need to change how they eat, or are ‘doing it wrong’. I wanted my post this week to really drive home the fact that we all have a great power, and great responsibility, to choose what we eat.

Here within Oxfam at Queen’s Food Security, we promote LOFT (Local, Organic, Fair Trade) food as a way to fix the broken food system.  When I first heard this acronym, I was daunted by the prospect of eating LOFT –Where could I find it? And mostly, how could I afford it? Happily, I have realized that eating LOFT food doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing endeavor. For example, I know that although all my food in my fridge may not be LOFT, I do my very best to eat local produce and free-range meat and eggs. We all choose what is most important to us, and focus our money and efforts there accordingly. It could be that buying organic blueberries for your smoothies is something you’re willing to spring for, while another student would invest in art classes, for example.

Eating LOFT shouldn’t be seen as some distant goal that only the well-established and wealthy can attain. It is a friendly challenge, a call to become aware of how our food gets on our plates.  When it comes down to it, food that is good for you, the planet, and those who grew it, is food that deserves to be eaten! 

~Andrea Z.

p.s. It’s true, U DO Got the Power – check out this awesome song by Swiss Lips 🙂

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