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The week ends on a Sunday, right? 

In my post this month, I’ll be talking about some of my favourite LOFT-themed blogs and websites!

Oh She Glows

Angela Liddon is an amazing cook, baker, and photographer. She started blogging as a way to talk about her long battle with an eating disorder, but since 2008 the blog has become far more recipe-focused. And they are amazing! All of her recipes are vegetarian or vegan, and many are gluten-free as well. If you’re looking for ideas on what to do with all the LOFT goodness that’s beginning to show up at farmers’ markets this summer, this is the website to visit! Ms. Liddon is also Canadian and writes a lot about the local food scene in Southern Ontario.

Simple, Good, and Tasty

A great website to go to if you’re looking for news on LOFT food and local food movements! They’re also doing a few great “behind the scenes” series this summer on farming operations and community-supported agriculture, which are must-reads if you want to know how your food is grown. The contributors (most of whom live in the Minneapolis area) also run an online book club. Check out their reading list if you’re looking for more information about food politics!


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