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Food = Respect

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Ah, the holidays! This cherished season is a time to celebrate winter, family and friends, and of course, delicious food. Food has always been an important part of human celebrations around the world. Cooking and eating together shows care and creates warm memories and lasting traditions, especially during the holidays. The spicy smell of gingerbread cookies, hot mulled apple cider after a day outside, and Christmas dinner are indelibly imprinted in my mind along with winter and the holiday season.

 But I think we have a tendency to view the holidays as the sort of exceptional time where we can eat, drink, and be merry without responsibility. When surrounded by the plenty of the holidays, it can be easy to treat food lightly. But while it is also for our pleasure, food is essential for life, One in seven people in our world go to bed hungry, but it’s estimated that one third of the food produced for human consumption never gets eaten. Compare that to the fact that many Canadians’ biggest food worry over the holidays is staying slim!

Most of the people in this country will have more than enough to eat over the holidays. This year, let food take on an extra special meaning for us. Instead of just enjoying our food,  I think that we ought to respect it. A lot of people have had a part to play in providing us with mashed sweet potatoes we love: from the Chinese farmer that grew it, to your grandmother that baked it into a dish. In this context, food represents a lot more than what you see on your plate

While we enjoy the joys of this wonderful season, lets make sure to appreciate the food we eat, and not waste it. After all, something as important as food deserves respect.

Debrah Zemanek





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