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Image Hello and welcome to the Fair Trade Co-operative, what can we help you with?

The Fair Trade Co-operative is the official destination for fairly traded goods sold at cost on Queen’s campus. Commonly referred to as the “Fair Trade Snack bar,” we are home to a wide range of products that are sure to entice any type of snacker.

 The Co-op is open Monday–Friday, 11:30-4:30 located at the Walkhome Booth in the lower level of the John Deutsch University Centre on Queen’s campus in Kingston, ON.

 The Snack bar is cool because it is run entirely by volunteers; with each volunteer having partial ownership of the Co-operative. This allows us to buy and sell at prices given directly from our suppliers.

We currently stock products from 4 companies, from all across Canada:

Camino products include delicious chocolate, coffee and baking supplies. The La Siembra Co-operative located in Ottawa, established in 1999, owns Camino and its line of Fairtrade certified products. They are industry pioneers as they worked with Fairtrade Canada to develop a certification system for cocoa, chocolate and sugar products. Camino sources ingredients from co-operatives of family farmers in 11 countries including Cuba, Guatemala, India and Peru.


 Just Us! is a Coffee Roasters Co-operative that has a range of delightful teas, coffee and chocolate made in Grand Pre, Nova Scotia. In 1995 a small group of friends set out with determination to become Canada’s first Fair Trade coffee roaster. Their mission, “People and the Planet before Profits,” is something everyone can appreciate and support.


 Yummy dried mango and tropical mix fruit comes from a company called Level Ground Trading in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their mission is to trade fairly and directly with small-scale producers in developing countries, offering customers ethical choices. Level Ground purchases dried fruit from Fruandes, a Fair Trade organization operating out of Bogota, Colombia. They work with small-scale and independent farmers and provide sustainable wages and health care to those who need it.


 The most recent arrival at the Co-op has been that of the ground pepper, cinnamon and soy sauce from Peter Piper Pepper, a Fair Trade certified company based in Mississauga. The pepper is from India, and the soy sauce ingredients are from Northern Thailand. In addition to fair prices for the products, a premium is paid to the cooperative and is invested by the farmers in social, environmental and economic development projects.


 In conclusion, buy Fair Trade, and support positive development of the global trading economy! There is no substitution for good karma. See below for a comprehensive price list. 


Oxfam at Queen’s

Fair Trade Snack Bar
Monday to Friday at 11:30-4:30 in the lower JDUC

Just Us! Rise Again Medium Dark Roast- $8.50

Camino Medium Roast Whole Beans- $10.00

Just Us! (Rooibos, Black Ceylon) – $2.75
Just Us! Loose Leaf (Darjeeling, Oolong) – $5.50


Camino (Hazelnut, Butterscotch and Sea Salt, Caramel Crunch, Milk and Sea Salt, Espresso, Coconut) – $3.50
Camino Snack Bars (Peanut B, P. Rice and Quinoa) – $1.00

Camino Chocolate Covered Almonds/Coffee Beans- $4.00

Just Us! Bark (Milk Chocolate Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate Ginger, White Chocolate Cranberry and Cashew)- $2.75 

Camino Milk/Dark Hot Chocolate – $5.50
Camino Hot Chocolate Sachets – $0.50
Just Us! Peppermint Hot Chocolate – $6.00

Level Ground Dried Fruit (Mango, Trop. Mix)- $4.00

Peter Piper Ground Pepper- $2.50

Peter Piper Cinnamon- $3.00

Peter Piper Soy Sauce- $3.00 


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