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 Before university, the road to Winter break and all the wonderful things that Winter break brings along with it, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, was paved with homeroom parties and school dances. Yep, the journey to break was pumped full of excitement and bake goods. Those were the days eh? University is a different story. Now, the days before break are guarded by exams. An obstacle we must all overcome. And how do we do so? Usually by skipping our sleep, highlighting a lot Q-cards and most importantly pumping out bodies full of caffeine and snacks.

Now, I’m not here to tell you to start your essays early and get a full 8 hours of sleep… that would be nice but let’s get real. I want to focus on the food aspect and hopefully give you some tips you might actually take to heart.

Just because your sleep-deprived body is demanding food 24/7 doesn’t mean you have to throw your health and ethical conscious out the window! Here are some snacks that are healthiest and effective while studying and HOW to find them sold locally or under a Fair Trade certified brand.

The first on our list… the one we all can’t live without… Coffee! (Although, this applies to tea drinkers as well!) Caffeine can be great for those late nights and early mornings, and is a staple to every exam week. Coffee and Tea are one of the most commonly purchased Fair Trade items, and can found in most grocery stores. Just look for the Fair Trade logo before you make your purchase!

Secondly, almonds are the perfect snack for the between-meal munchies! They are good for you too, having tons of nutritional benefits. Almonds are sold by Fair Trade certified brands as well. Whether you prefer them chocolate covered, roasted or plain…Brands such as Camino, Just Us and Zaytoun are all Fair Trade ceritifed and sell the almonds you are craving!

Finally, fruit is always a good option when you are hungry but wanting to stay healthy. It can satisfy your sweet tooth or be part of your breakfast. Check out your local Farmer’s market for the fruit that is in season. Visiting and supporting your Farmer’s Market doubles as a fun study break!  If you’re looking for a fruit snack that will last, Camino sells dried fruit for great price.

I hope this brain food helps your studying go as smoothly as possible! Now stop reading this blog and start studying! (Well… maybe just get off Facebook… this blog can stay) because Winter break is right around the corner!

– Kathryn Blaikie




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