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5 Easy Ways to Make the Holidays LOFT-Friendly

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The holidays are a time of joy, merriment, and tradition. However, tradition can prevent sustainable food practices from being integrated as part of celebrations.  Treasured family recipes can be revamped using LOFT foods, and nobody will be the wiser. Here are some easy ways to incorporate LOFT foods into your festivities.

  1. Buy fair trade chocolate, cocoa, nuts, and sugar for all your baking needs. It’s a simple way to integrate fair trade products into classic family recipes, with no discernible difference in the taste of the dish. You can also opt for homemade hot chocolate and avoid buying the premade powders, which may contain unfairly sources sugar and cocoa powder. Here is one of my favourite hot chocolate recipes:
  2. Choose your menu based on what is in season.  This opens up the option to shop at local farmer’s markets.  Here is a handy list to see what is currently in season in Ontario:

  3. Explore local bakeries instead of big box grocery stores. If you plan on buying bread, pastries, or dessert for an event, why not try an independently owned bakery? Chances are the products are baked in the very same building, which cuts down on food miles.
  4. Back away from the Butterball.  Avoid commercially farmed turkeys to reduce food miles and support more ethical farming practices. There are plenty of local farms in Ontario through which you can order turkeys, some of which are raised organically.
  5. Shamelessly promote LOFT foods to your relatives. The holidays are a time when families come together, so why not take the opportunity to educate your loved ones on sustainable food practices? Awareness is the name of the game! Suggest some simple LOFT New Year resolutions that they can take on, like buying only fair trade chocolate or eating vegetarian a couple times a week.



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