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Take a step in the fair direction

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This past Saturday the food security campaign from Oxfam @ Queens went to various locations around Kingston to experience the local and fair trade stores that are accessible and affordable to all and especially to students.

Places we went:

The Sleepless Goat Cafe: Contact: 613 545-9646

Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-9pm Saturday& Sunday 8am-9pm

Location: 91 Princess Street Kingston Ontario (15 minute walk from Queens Campus)

What do they do? The sleepless goat is Kingston’s place to go for fair trade drinks, veg-friendly meals and homemade desserts. They were the very first Kingston business to advocate and sell  exclusively fair-trade, organic coffee. They are 100% worker-owned and the place to go for all things fair trade in Kingston!!

Cards Bakery: Contact 613 544-4448

Hours: Monday-Saturday 7am-6pm

Location: 115 Princess Street Kingston Ontario (15 minute walk from Queens Campus)

What are they? Cards Bakery is a local business that provides baked goods and catering to the Kingston community, all homemade products are what makes cards the great business that they are !

John’s Deli: Contact: 613 548-7638

Location: 507 Princess Street Kingston Ontario (12 minute walk from Queens Campus)

What are they? A Kingston local grocer supplying Kingston with local, organic quality groceries! Affordable, local, organic and close for students in the Kingston Community!

Old Farm Fine Fresh Foods: Contact: 613 546-3276

Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-6:30pm, Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 11am-4pm

Location: 204 Barrie Street Kingston Ontario (8 minute walk from Kingston)

What do they do? Old Farm Fine Fresh Foods uses all fresh and local ingredients!!

Oxfam Fair Trade Snack Bar: Location?? Right on campus!! We are located in the lower level of the JDUC at the walk home booth!

All fairtrade chocolate, teas, dried fruit, coffee and hot chocolate!

After travelling to all these different places around Kingston we realized that going LOFT is easier than we thought! There are so many places to get local organic food like John’s and Old farm Fine Fresh foods! Fair trade coffee is so easy to buy from the sleepless goat or the snack bar on campus! Instead of going to a non fairtrade coffee place downtown we can go to the sleepless goat instead, support a worker owned business and buy fairtrade coffee! All of the places we visited this past weekend were affordable, close to campus and definitely had some delicious looking fresh veggies, and many other products. By changing where we buy our food as consumers we can make a large step towards furthering the LOFT movement. Try some of these local places and see if you’re willing to make the change, take a step in the fair direction.




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