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Females in the Field

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When we first started getting involved with Oxfam, the Food Security campaign was all very new, but we had no idea about the different dimensions in which it entailed. As we learned about it, we began to see the true impact individuals could have in the movement for good, wholesome food. When learning about how important farmers could be for their communities, Oxfam Canada sought out to tell the stories of female farmers that were the backbone of their farming center.

Oxfam Canada launched an initiative to raise awareness about the efforts of female farmers: Female Food Heroes.

FFH are women who are working to build a movement for good food – food that is grown well and shared fairly. Oxfam Canada firmly believes that ending hunger begins with women’s rights. The deep injustices of the global food systems greatly disadvantage women and Oxfam Canada works towards helping women find resources to provide and grow good, healthy food for their families. They work to share the stories of women from different communities around Canada that fight against the injustices towards women within the global food system.

Female Food Heroes can be anyone! Your friend, your sister, your wife, or your colleague!

Here, in our Kingston community we have our very own female food hero by the name of Jennifer Varberg. Jennifer works to increase access of healthy food to low-income families by instructing classes at Loving Spoonful.

Check out more stories about inspiring women and how they impact their communities by working tirelessly for the women’s right within the global food system.


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