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Midterms got you down?

I have spent a lot of time in Stauffer this last week. Like, a lot of time. And I’m sure I’m not the only one because every time I go, there are the same old people puttering away around me. It feels almost as though I’ve become friends with some of you by simple observation. Like this one guy who studies for a while then picks up a newspaper. I’m not sure if you’re reading world events or the comics. Either way, we have really good conversations about these things in my head. Like that Mallard Fillmore comic on Wednesday? What a scorcher. You know whats up, newspaper guy.

All that is to prove Stauffer is driving me insane. I’m in a downward spiral and nothing can save me…….. except perhaps some LOFT goodies.

What? Where, when, HOW? Good questions. If, like me, library living is not the life you long for, have no fear because Oxfam is here! On Tuesday and Wednesday the Food Security Squad will be handing out some LOFT yum-yums in Stauffer to help you power through the midterm blues.

I’m confident that you will LOVE the LOFT, so I’m posting the recipes below. If at any point during your midterm season Buzzfeed articles like “The 27 Most ’00s Photos Of Celebrities In Existence” (yup, that’s for real) just aren’t cutting it procrastination-wise, try making one of these recipes! We got all our LOFT ingredients (like organic flour, fair trade cocoa, and local eggs) from Oxfam’s Fair Trade booth and Tara’s.

Good luck on midterms, may the odds be ever in your favour. Also, may these goodies be forever your favourite flavour.