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A Different Kind of Shopping

Picture this:

It’s September. Your classes are done for the day, and you’re strolling down a beautiful street amid old brick buildings. As you pass by the neat shops that line the street, you see an idyllic sight ahead of you. Bright colors and sounds  overwhelm your senses. As you approach, the reason for the crowds of people becomes clear. Heaps of fresh lettuce, carrots, and sweet corn are piled beside baskets of  apples and blueberries. Homemade butter tarts and maple syrup jostle with  fresh pressed apple cider for your attention. The delicious aroma of fresh bread mingles with the scent of fresh-cut flowers. ‘Am I dreaming?’ you ask yourself happily. ‘I’ll never need to shop anywhere else!’

Does this sound amazing? You’re in luck, because I’m describing none other than Kingston Public Market. It’s located a ten minute walk downtown from Queen’s University. You can visit it every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in Springer Market Square right behind City Hall, from April through November. Not only is this market a treasure trove of delicious local food, at 212 years old, it is also Ontario’s oldest market! The market  has been providing healthy food and a sense of community to  Kingston residents since 1801. Isn’t about time we  joined the trend?

April’s coming up, so when you need a  break from studying, head on down to check out the Kingston Public Market. Not only will you be buying healthy, high quality food directly from  local farmers and artisans, but you’ll be enjoying a taste experience like none another. In addition, you’ll get to avoid the unnecessary cost that come with processed food from a grocery chain. Metro may be closer, but if you give it a try, you’ll soon find that nothing compares to the satisfaction you will get from market shopping.