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You can have your cake and eat it too

At its current pace the world’s food and energy needs are reaching their ecological limit. With growing economic growth occurring in the Global South, more and more people are adopting historically unprecedented high levels of meat consumption. Mutton, pork, poultry and beef consumption are reaching unprecedented levels. These classic sources of meat consumption place a great strain on the environment. In fact livestock rearing is responsible for more than 51% of all annual greenhouse emissions. Additionally this increased consumption has led to a commodification of our sources of meat, which encourages inhumane factory style processing of these forms of meat that have caught the attention of the media. Food Inc. is a great documentary for understanding this phenomenon. But never fear people the United Nations thinks it’s got a solution to combat this trend while still receiving all the benefits of this extra protein and micronutrient consumption. Eh but you might not like it. Okay ready don’t cringe. Eat Insects. Yes insects like ants gram for gram provide more protein, minerals and micro nutrients than traditional sources of protein. If that’s not amazing enough their greenhouse footprint is absolutely miniscule compared to traditional sources. Okay chill I know what you’re thinking these are icky insects we are talking about. But drink this in most world cultures happily embrace insect eating, or Entomophagy if you wanna sound fancy. From Mexico to China traditionally insects like locusts and ants are eagerly sought after and eaten. They are considered a delicacy which means these must be some tasty critters. Now I’m not saying that you go find your nearest ant hill and fire up the barbeque. I’m just saying lettuce (shameless food security pun) open our minds and ask ourselves is this really all that bad. Personally I think eating insects isn’t a big deal considering how we eagerly eat fungi (mushrooms) and fish eggs (caviar). Just my 200 cents. Stay golden people.
See Simba ate insects and he got to be the freaking KING not to mention the movie deal. Whose to say that wont happen to you. Food for thought people.